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Backoffice, Team & Reports

The Backoffice is the bridge between your company profile and your user profile, as main contact.

The main contact person can easily access the company profile via the communication center. Only the main contact is shown the button "Edit company profile" is displayed. Other team members do not see this button.

In addition, you can manage the team displayed on your company profile and all the interaction between other users and your company profile including:

  • Team

  • Visitors

  • Contact request

  • Meeting request

As an exhibitor, please note that there are two different options for contact and appointment requests.

Firstly, via the personal profile. Here, the requests appear via the Communication Center (right) via the appointment calendar.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of making contact and appointment enquiries via the company profile. The icons Request appointment and Express interest are in the header of the company profile.

When you set up a meeting with another company, as soon as your invitation gets confirmed by one team member of the company you are trying to reach out (as exhibitor), the contact person will appear under people invited.

As well the meeting should be under “My Meetings” in your communication center.

Lead tracking reports can be found in the Visitors tab of the Backoffice. The tab contains tables providing lead tracking information.

There is a tab for statistics as well, providing more feedback about your company profile.

If you cannot see the "Exhibitor Area" tab in your communication center, it means that you have not been added as a team member yet. One of your already connected colleagues can add you via the "Team" tab in the Backoffice.

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