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Personal Profile

How can I login to the CMS Plus online platform?

For the first log-in just enter your email address. The confirmation code is being sent by email immediately.

The confirmation code is sent immediately. Please check your spam mailbox for the case you did not receive it.

To send the code again click on " Resend confirmation code".

Please also note that your profile will be generated with the email address you entered. I.e. afterwards it is not possible to change the e-mail address of your profile.

Therefore it is advisable to remember the e-mail address as well, so that a profile duplication by using different e-mail addresses can be avoided.

Which settings are relevant for my personal profile?

In the personal networking profile, you can enter detailed information about your own area of expertise and add suitable interests. Via the interests it it matched in the lead finder & networking areas and one participant can find an overview with possible new business partners.

How do I edit my personal profile?

After the first Login, you will be forwarded directly to your personal profile. Kindly fill out all mandatory fields here, and you can start to create your personal profile. At best fill your details and preferences and also add a photo JPG or PNG format only, min. 500 x 500 px, under 1 MB.

You can change the information in your profile anytime by clicking on the ✏ pencil icon placed on the top right of your profile, or make changes while clicking on “edit my profile”.

Why is the personal profile important?

The personal profile represents your digital face. Thanks to the networking option, the platform helps you to connect with other participants. Therefore, it is advisable to describe your information and interests in particular detail in order to achieve, among other things, particularly precise networking results and thus to be linked directly with the right business partners.

How can I schedule meetings?

As an exhibitor, it should be noted that there are two different options regarding contact and appointment requests.

Firstly, via the personal profil: here, the requests appear via the Communication Center (right) via the appointment calendar:

On the other hand, there is still the possibility to make contact and appointment inquiries via the company profile. The icons Request meeting and Register interest are located in the header of the company profile:

These requests end up in the back office under contact requests or meeting requests. This has the advantage that you can divide the requests among your team members.

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