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Exhibitor List

Where can I find the Exhibitor List?

The Exhibitor List is visible and accessible to all on the official Smart Country Convention website under "Visit": Overview (

Furthermore, it is possible to search for exhibitors, segments and products.

How do I edit the information displayed in the Exhibitor List?

A short version of your company profile is presented in the exhibitor list. All information contained there can be customized and updated via the Content Manager.

Please note:

A full version of your company profile will be displayed on the SCCON Online Platform: SCCON Online (

Contact options: How can clients and potential partners contact me?

The list of exhibitors is public and visible on the Smart Country Convention website. General contact details are available there. Further contact and networking opportunities are possible via the SCCON Online Platform: SCCON Online (

How can I download the Exhibitor List?

Indeed you can print a PDF document with the exhibiting companies:

  • Go to Exhibitors.

  • Click on the print icon.

  • The exhibitor list will then be downloaded automatically.

It is also possible to easily search for exhibitors and industries. By clicking on the print icon you can download a list of exhibitors as a PDF document. The bookmark icon helps you to mark exhibitors as favorites.

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