Where can I find the Exhibitor List?

The Exhibitor List is available for all to see and access on the official Smart Country Convention website under "Visit": Overview (smartcountry.berlin).

Furthermore, it is possible to search for exhibitors, segments, and products.

Which contact options do I have via the Exhibitor List ?

The Exhibitor List is publicly visible on the Smart Country Convention Website. General contact information is available there. Further contact and networking opportunities are available via the SCCON Online Platform: SCCON Online (smartcountry.berlin).

How can I download the Exhibitor List?

Indeed you can print a PDF document with the exhibiting companies:

  • Go to Exhibitors.

  • Click on the print icon.

  • The exhibitor list will then be downloaded automatically.

It is also possible to easily search for exhibitors and industries. By clicking on the print icon you can download a list of exhibitors as a PDF document. The bookmark icon helps you to mark exhibitors as favorites.