How do I access the company profile?

The main contact person, who has received the mailings, is automatically connected with the company profile.

If you can't see the Backoffice on your company's details page, it means that you haven't been added as an employee yet. One of the existing employees can add you via the Team tab in the Backoffice.

In addition, make sure that your networking is activated:

How can I add colleagues to the company profile?

To add colleagues to the company profile, please follow the next steps:

Under "Settings" (top right) you will find "My Company", click on it and then on the company name.

  1. Click on the menu item "Backoffice" in the header of your company profile:

  2. Enter the person's name in the search box. It is important that the person has already logged in once to Smart Country Convention Online and that both you and the person have enabled the Networking feature:

  3. Select the person and click on "Add Staff":

  4. The person will then appear in the company profile as a contact for your company and will be able to contact other attendees and make appointments for the show.

A small tip on the side, if you do not want to be visible in the company profile, you can deactivate the button "Show me as contact" under "My company" and thus will not be displayed in the company profile.