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Interface and settings

All you need to know!

Navigation features: what are the icons on the navigation bar?

The navigation bar can be found on the left margin of every page of ITBxplore and can be expanded or closed. It enables quick and easy navigation.

The navigation bar is closed by default. You can expand it by clicking the corresponding button (three horizontal lines) ☰ at the top of the bar. You can then close it again by clicking this button once more.

The navigation buttons take you to the various pages of the ITBxplore.

When the navigation bar is expanded, icons and the names from the pages are displayed on the buttons. When the navigation bar is closed, these pages are only represented as icons. The names of the pages are then displayed only when you put the mouse cursor over an icon. You can get to a page by clicking on the corresponding icon.

The following navigation buttons are available:

Start: This is the home page of ITBxplore.

Exhibitors: Here you will find the exhibitor/product directory as well as branches and destinations. You also have the option of filtering by country. You will also find trade marks.

Attendees: Based on the interests you have indicated in your personal profile, networking suggestions are given to you here, new contacts can be actively searched for here as well as your current connections are displayed.

Program: Under this point you will find the program that will take place on site.

Support: Under this point you will find the support for ITBxplore, which is available to answer your questions.

Communication center: how can I use it?

You will always find the communication center (👤) on the right side of the screen.

This makes it an omnipresent tool whose functions you can use regardless of which page you are on. As the name suggests, it allows you to communicate and network with other participants. The expandable and collapsible design ensures that it is always there when you need it, but never distracting when you are busy.

Layout & Features

You can access these sections by clicking the corresponding icons at the top of the bar.





These icons are displayed in the communication center even when it is closed. By clicking the door icon at the bottom the communication center expands.

How do I manage my audio/videos settings ?

The hardware settings allow you to select the hardware you want to use for the video chat function.

You can configure three types of hardware: Camera, input devices (microphones) and output devices (headphones, headsets, speakers). If you have only one device for one type of hardware, this device will be used automatically.

It is important to note that your browser displays a pop-up window with permission to use your microphone and camera when you log in to ITBxplore for the first time.

Can I switch from German to English and vice versa?

The navigation menu (on the left) allows you to shift from German to English and vice versa.

The feature can be found in the left corner at the bottom of the navigation menu.

How can I log out or delete my profile?

You can log out via the communication center on the right by clicking on “Settings”.

The logout button is marked in red.

There is also the possibility to delete your account.

By clicking on “Edit profile” in your communication center, you get to “My profile”. On the left side you can find the “Delete user account”, click on it and your account will be removed of ITBxplore.

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