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Quick Guide ITBxplore

Editing your company data

1. Follow thelink in theemail. You will then be directed to the editing area of your company profile (Content Manager).
2. We recommend that you save this edit link so that you can easily access it at any time and quickly adjust your entry accordingly.
3. Complete your company entry on ITBxplore with all the data that is included in your Communication Package: logo, profile, products and much more.
4. Edit all fields in both languages (DE and EN) and then save your data by clicking on the "Publish" button.
5. Your data will then be used for all three channels: the Exhibitor List in the ITB website, the ITBxplore platform and for the ITB App later on.

Accessing ITBxplore:

1. All participants, exhibitorsand visitors, need a valid ITB ticket to register at ITBxplore.
2. Main exhibitors have already received their exhibitor codes by email.
3. Co-exhibitors will receive, depending on the agreement, exhibitor codes from their mainexhibitor or must purchase them in the BecoShop after their registration process has been completed.
4. For employees who will only be active at ITBxplore but will not be present on site in Berlin, there is the Fully Digital Ticket for 35€.
5.You must first personalize your ticket before you can register on the platform. When personalizing the ticket, please enter the email of the contact person stated in your stand registration. Only this person has been activated for editing the company entry.

Checking your entry on ITBxplore

1. After successfully logging in on ITBxplore, edit and save your personal profile.
2. Under "Settings" (top right) you will find "My Company", click on it and then on the company name.
3. Check your company profile.
4.You want to change something? Go back to„Content Manager“ and make your adjustions.

Advertising-Shop (Adertisingin thedigital channels)

1. To create an account, please click here and enter the email address to which this email was sent.
2. If you have already registered in the Advertising Shop, please click here.
3. You will also need to enter your customer number. You will find this next to the company name in the email.
4. If you take care of more than one company profile, please consider that every company has its own customer number.

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