The networking page provides you with easy access to both your existing connections and potential new ones. The stunning visualization of your current and possible connections and the various options you have to customize the view make networking quick and straightforward.

How can I network on ITBxplore?

Networking is one of the most essential and powerful features of ITBxplore.

ITB xplore is based on the interests and topics you specify in your profile and enables networking with existing business partners as well as with new counterparts.

The algorithm-based matching process recommends suitable business contacts. You have the possibility to send appointment and meeting requests and keep an overview thanks to the individual calendar function. The page itself is divided into three tabs:

  • Relevant: here you can find participants that could interest you, it shows you other participants who could be of interest so you can connect with them.

  • Find new people: it allows you to find new contacts and connections. The visual presentation of those potential contacts through the Discovery Graph.

  • Explore my connections: the Discovery Graph enables you to have a practical and straightforward overview of all your connections. Additionally, it allows you to see who your connections are connected to and how your connections relate to each other.

What are the type of interactions?

You have several options for interaction with an organisation or attendee simply by clicking on the respective button:

  • Request meeting

  • Register interest

  • Recommend

  • Bookmark

How can I start a new chat?

When you click the Start a new chat button, you can create a new group chat or a new chat with an individual participant. You can start a new chat with an individual participant by searching for them in the Search for people search box.

It’s important to note that the search will not show you participants that have their networking turned off or that have blocked you using the Block feature.

Once you’ve found the desired participant, you can click on them to open a chat. If you’ve found and selected someone you’ve already chatted with previously, that chat will open for you.

You can also start a new group chat using the New group button.

What is Lead Finder?

The Lead Finder helps you find contacts based on interests. To help the system work at his best, we kindly ask you to fill your details and preferences as well as possible and mark the corresponding to your activities. Please note that you can only be found as contact on Lead Finder by filling in your details.

The Lead Finder option offers real added value to you as an attendee, whether you represent an exhibitor or not. It shows you what other participants are looking to sell or want to offer. If you are looking for a supplier, a partner, or a customer, this is the place to be.

Please make sure that the button “networking” on the communication center is activated, to help other find you.

Which other options do I have?

You have the possibility to turn networking on and off by clicking on the corresponding button.
Networking is enabled by default, and if you turn it off, you will not be shown as a potential connection for other participants. This also means that you will not be able to find or connect with other participants.
You will still be displayed in the company employees’ section of your organization's details page but visitors to the page will not be able to contact or connect with you. Also, you won't show up as a buyer or seller, and you won't be able to search for buyers or sellers on the company page.

Can I see who visited my profile?

Please make sure that the button “networking” on the communication center is activated, to help other find you. In the back office, you can see who has clicked on your company profile under the "Visitors" tab.

Do not disturb: how to manage my profile visibility?

In the general settings “My Profile” on your right tab, you can choose to activate or deactivate this option. When the feature "Do not disturb" is on, you can’t receive video calls or notifications. Other participants can still send you appointment or contact requests as well as chat messages.

Can I add and/or remove a connection?

You can share the participant’s profile or favorite them by clicking on the respective buttons. Using the "Hide profile from suggestion" button you also have the possibility to remove one participant from the graphic.