The online list of exhibitors and research tool

Present your company and your products online: 365 days a year.

Where can I see the list of exhibitors?
  • The exhibitor directory is visible and accessible to all on the official ITB website under Visit. Furthermore, it is possible to search for exhibitors, products and segments explicitly. By clicking on the print icon, it is possible to download an exhibitor list.

  • On ITBxplore- Exhibitors. You can filter your search or go directly to your favorites and find all bookmarks in order to save contacts.

How do I edit the information shown in the ITB list for exhibitors?

A short version of your company profil is diplayed in the exhibitor directory.

All information visible there can be modified through the self-service link. Thanks to this link you can adjust, edit, or update any information at all time. A full version of your company profile will be displayed on the ITBxplore event platfom.

Contact options: how can visitors and trade partners find me through the exhibitor search?

The exhibitor search is available on the webpage and public. Only basic and general contact information are available as contact option. Further contact options are available on ITBxplore.