Products list: how do I add products ?

After clicking on your self-maintenance link, you will be re-directed to the content manager. Click on the "Products" tab.

There you can add, edit, or delete products. The products will be displayed in the exhibitor search under products as well as on your company profile and in the product area on the event platform.

You should create your products both in English and German.

When you want to add a product, you need to use the Add product button.

That button adds a Product drop-down each time you use it (it will create Product 1, Product 2, Product 3, and so on), and you can add the data and media within that drop-down.

The dropdown gives you the following product sections:







You can decide the order in which the products will be listed on your detail page. You can do that by entering their precise position on the company page data fields. It is important to note that any products left with a 0 in the Position on the company page data input field will be displayed at the top of the list.

You can remove a product by clicking on the appropriate button.

Where can I find information about the exhibitors?

Under the navigation point- Exhibitors.

All exhibitors appear as a list or in the tile overview. Each tile presents one company. Depending on the communication package, the presentation of your company will be in the form of a quarter-size, half-size or whole tile. As soon as you click on a tile, you land on the company profile of the company.

Through the company profile, attendees have the option to make a meeting request, favourite or recommend their company profile, and also download their contact information.

Several products we added through the self-service link are not visible. What can we do?

If you added more products than what is in your communication package included, the products added after you reached your product limit will not be published.