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Content Manager A-Z

The Content Manager explained.

A Address: the address is partially filled in. The data you provided during your stand registration was saved. Please note that changing the address will not affect the billing address.

A Advertising Shop: by clicking you will be automatically directed to the ITB Advertising Shop. Here you will find a variety of additional online advertising services which can be booked in order to make the most of your online appearance.

B Background image: the background image is the "eye-catcher" of your company profile. Here it is important to consider the image requirements, hence the background image is displayed correctly. In addition, the central part of your background image is also visible in the tile view of the ITBxplore exhibitor section. The image requirements are: 2560x640px in jpg or png format, maximum size 5MB.

B Branches and Destinations: Branches describe the company's offer and services in more detail. This has the advantage that interested parties also become aware of the company more quickly through corresponding filter options. The communication package includes two branches. In terms of Destinations, there is set no limit.

C Contact details: the contact details provide additional information about the contact options such as phone, email, fax as well as the link to your website.

D Description: the description is also an essential part of the company profile. This is where the company, offers and services are presented. It is important to note that a short description and a more detailed one should be created. The short description (max. 300 characters) appears as a preview in the exhibitor overview, while the detailed description (max. 4000 characters) can be seen on the company profile. It is recommended to create this in both German and English, as the entries will be visible accordingly on both, the German and English websites. Otherwise, this area will remain empty.

E Exhibitor news: to keep visitors up to date with the latest news and trends, you can book exhibitor news. There you can insert info such as date, image, description and multimedia. The exhibitor news are visible on the exhibitor list, on ITBxplore under the navigation item “Exhibitors” → “Exhibitor News” and on your company profile as well as on the app.

J Job offers: ITBxplore also offers the possibility to publish job offers. These will be visible on the company profile as well as under the navigation point Exhibitors. When entering job offers, it is important to ensure that the expiration date is not in the past and that the job ad is set to "active". Otherwise, it will not be published.

L Links: additional links to the company, products and services can be added without restriction. The links are visible on the company profile both in the preview and in the detailed view. Please note that the links should be edited in English and German.

L Logo: the logo is an important part of the company profile. It is visible in the exhibitor list as well as on the company profile. Please insert an image size: 500 x 500 px, formats: jpeg, png, file size: max. 5 MB.

M Multimedia: this section gives the possibily to upload files and documents to the company profile. The supported formats are: jpg, png, mp4, pdf, xlsx, csv, docx, doc, txt. max. 50MB.

N Name: the company name is already filled in. The data saved after the stand registration will be displayed.

P Product: the communication package includes 4 product presentations.

Name, picture, description, product group and various media can be uploaded. The products will appear on the details page of the company profile. It is necessary to insert the title in German and in English. If you want to add a link to your product, there is a possibility to do it in the "Links" section.

R Related companies: This section can be used for all associated companies of the exhibitor, which cannot be present at ITB Berlin. There is no limit set. They can be published with the following information: Logo, company name, description, branches and destinations as well as multimedia.

S Social media: Social media includes the following channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Xing, LinkedIn, YouTube. Please be sure to insert the full links to your social media profiles.

V Video: The video in the header of your company profile is part of the upgrade ITBxplore+. Therefore, it is first necessary to book the upgrade in order to upload the video in your header. The video of your choice, ideally is encoded the following: H.264, audio encoding: AAC, format MP4, aspect ratio 16:9 and a maximum size of 2 GB. In addition, you have the option to select a corresponding preview image in the aspect ratio 16:9, formats jpeg or png and the file size of maximum 20 MB and upload it as well. The video will then appear in the background image of your company profile.

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