First login: which email address should I use?

Please use the same email address previously used for the main contact person on the company profile. This enables the automatic match between your profile and your company.

The confirmation code is sent immediately.

Please check your spam mailbox for the case you did not receive it. To send the code again click on " Resend confirmation code".

How do I edit my personal profile?

After the first Login, you can create your profile. Please add a photo JPG or PNG format only, min. 500 x 500 px, under 1 MB. You can change the information in your profile anytime by clicking on the ✏ pencil icon placed on the top right of your profile, or make changes while clicking on “edit my profile”.

How can I change the profile picture?

For better networking results, we recommend that you post a professional profile picture. You can add or change the info in your profile by clicking the pencil icn in the top right corner of your profile.

The picture must be in JGP or PNG format, min 500 x 500 px, smaller than 1MB.

Can I see when the other attendees are currently online?

Every user has the possibility to get in touch with participants, speakers or companies via audio/video calls or chat. A traffic light system let you know if the participant is available.

Red → please don’t disturb and/or in a meeting

Yellow → absent (in a break / currently available)

Gray → offline

Green → available

Where can I find meeting requests and how can I manage an appointment?

As an exhibitor, you should know there are two different options regarding contacts and appointment requests.

On the one hand, via the personal profile. In this case requests appears on the communication center → see calendar function
On the other hand, there is the possibility to book appointments through the company profile. The icons are in the header of the company profile. → icons “Request meeting” and “register interest”
Please note that you will not receive any e-mail notifications for requests via the company profile.

How can I see my contacts or save favorites?

The Contacts tab has a search function at the top. Below the search function you can find the Export contacts buttons. The tab displays the subscribers in two different sections: Bookmarks and My Contacts. If you are an employee of an exhibitor, you will also see the contacts of my organization section. The bookmarks section shows you all the connections you have marked with the bookmark function.

How do I know that my meeting is confirmed?

Under the tab “Request” you can see all notifications related to connection requests. The following notifications are displayed in this tab:

  • A participant has sent you a connection request

  • A participant has accepted your connection request

You receive a push notification to confirm that the meeting was accepted, and a confirmation per E-mail that the request was accepted. For a quick overview, we recommend checking directly in the Calendar during the fair.