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Attendee profile

Create your unique profile!

How do I edit my personal profile?

After the first login, you can create your profile. You can only be found as contact on Lead Finder by filling in your details and when activating the networking option.

Please add a photo JPG or PNG format only, min. 500 x 500 px, under 1 MB. You can change the information in your profile anytime by clicking on the ✏ pencil icon placed on the top right of your communication center:

Where can I find my communication center?

You will always find the communication center (👤) on the right side of the screen.

The communication center helps you interaction with other participants.

These features are integrated into the site in such a way that communicating with another participant is always but a few clicks away.

There are main communication features:

  • Attendees

  • Chat

  • Meeting

  • Notifications

Where can I find all meeting requests? How do I accept meetings requests?

Each user has the possibility to get in touch with all participants, speakers or company representatives via audio/video calls or chat.

Via the personal profile: Here, the requests appear via the Communication Center (on the right) via the appointment calendar: MyMeetings.

In your communication center, you can find the meetings requests you have received from other attendees: Requests.

Meetings can take the form of individual or group calls with up to 15 participants. Screen sharing is included with audio/video calls. All communication can be done spontaneously or by appointment (calendar function).

The calendar can be exported (e.g. to Outlook).

A traffic light system (red, yellow, green, gray) visualizes whether your counterpart can be reached:

Red → please don’t disturb and/or in a meeting

Yellow → absent (in a break / currently available)

Gray → offline

Green → available

The "Do not disturb" function ensures that everyone can move around the platform without being disturbed, as people in this status cannot be contacted:

What about different time zones? How can I update my meeting request?

The time Zone is set up automatically depending on where you are located for both parties. When you arrive to Berlin it will switch automatically to the European Time Zone. So, make sure to set up the meetings in GMT+01:00 Berlin time zone if you are having the meeting in Berlin.

Finally, please note that you always have the option to update the meeting and save changes.

Please note that the time zone seen in your communication center under meetings always corresponds with the time zone.

Where can I manage my contacts and favorites?

The contacts can be found in your communication center under “Attendees”:

There you can also download your contacts and favorites which you have bookmarked. There you can also download your contacts and bookmarked favorites. There is an export function for your personal contacts: VCF- to Outlook or CSV- as Excel list.

Where can I find all my appointments?

My Schedule provides you with an overview of the Live Sessions you’ve bookmarked and the meetings you’ve organized or accepted. Your personal calendar helps you to keep track of all your appointments and sessions that are of interest to you in one place.

How can I get business/visit cards?

When sending a request to connect, you should be able to get the business card of the attendee. Of course, the other participant has to accept your request first. Just click on Download.

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