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Personal Profile

First login: Which email address should I use ?

Please use the same e-mail address previously used for the contact person on the company profile (self-service Link) This enable the automatic match between your profile and your company.

The confirmation code is usually sent immediately. Please check your spam mailbox for the case you did not receive it.

 send the code again by clicking the button: " Resend confirmation code".

How do I edit my personal profile ?

After successful log-in, you will be taken directly to your personal profile. Fill out all mandatory fields. We recommend a well-maintained profile, as this is your "digital face" at Fruit Logistica Online platform.

Please make sure that your picture format is suitable. You can add or change the information in your profile anytime by clicking on the ✏ pencil icon placed on the top right of your profile.

When done editing click on “Save and update” to save your changes.

How can I change the profile picture ?

For a finished look and better networking results we recommend setting a professional profile picture. You can add or change the information in your profile anytime by clicking on the ✏ pencil icon placed on the top right of your profile.

Please note: The picture must be JPG or PNG format only, min. 500 x 500 px, under 1 MB.

Selling or buying categories: How to enable the "Lead-Finder" function ?

To set your topics of interest go to ‘My profile’ to search and chose your selling or buying segment. Based on your selected criteria the ‘Lead finder’ will display you in the chosen categories.

The Lead finder helps you find contacts based on interests.

To help the system work at its best, we kindly ask you to fill in your personal profile as detailed as possible and mark the interests corresponding to your activities.

Please note that you can only be found as contact on Lead finder by filling in your details. Please make sure that the button "Networking" on the Communication Center is activated, to help others find you.

Use this tool to receive contact recommendations from the algorithm, based on your interest and profile. You can click on each profile to see more information on the person.

How can i add/ match my personal profile to my company profile ?

If you can't see the back office on your company's details page, it means that you haven't been added as an employee yet. One of the existing employees can add you via the "Team" tab in the back office.

How to add a team member / contact person to my company profile ?

the main contact person and its email (provided during the registration) is matched automatically to the corresponding company profile.

All subsequent contact person or employers can be added manually by the main contact person or any other existing and previously matched contact person on the back office area.

I belong to several teams: How to switch from one company to another?

Each contact person can be linked to only one company. Contact our support team if you need to to be linked to multiple companies.

Networking / Do not disturb: How to manage my profile visibility?

You can enable the “Do Not Disturb” feature. When this feature is turned on, you will not receive video calls or pop-up notifications. Other participants can still send you appointment or contact requests, as well as chat messages.

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