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Interface & Settings

Navigation features: What are the icons on the navigation bar ?

You can always find the navigation menu on the left side of InnoTrans PLus. It allows quick and easy navigation around the platform and is minimized by default. Expand it by clicking on To minimize it again click on again or anywhere other than the navigation bar .

When expanded, the navigation buttons have icons and names and when minimized icons only - you can navigate to them by clicking on the icon.

Below, you have navigation buttons to specific pages in the InnoTrans Plus

  • Home

  • Exhibitors

  • Networking

  • Specials

  • Associations

  • Support

Communication center: What is it and how to use it ?

The Communication Centre (👤) is always accessible on the right side of the screen on every page. You can expand or minimize the bar by clicking at the bottom right.

The features are:

  • Settings

  • Attendees

  • Chat

  • Event Schedule

  • Notifications

The names of the sections are displayed when you put the mouse cursor over one of the icons.

If you click on the expand button at the bottom of the bar, the communication center will expand and show you the last section you used.

If you click on any of the icons, the communication center bar will expand and show you the respective section.

Search bar: What can I find using it ?

The global search function is one of the integral parts of the Innotrans Plus platform. Regardless of where you are , you can always find the global search at the top of the page.

By typing in the search box, you will see relevant suggestions from different types of results as you type in real-time. The search is intuitive, meaning that it will show results that contain the search term in their name and have it as part of their description or keywords. This makes it a potent tool, as it allows you to find what you need, even if you don’t know its exact name. By clicking on one of the results from the suggestions you will be directed to the respective detail page of that result.

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