Where can I see the list of exhibitors ?

The exhibitor directory is published on the and available to everyone without any registration. it allows other exhibitors and potential business partners contact you and plan a meeting or visit to your Stand in Berlin

Below you can find some common topics to help you understand and use the directory.

How do I edit the information shown on the InnoTrans Plus Exhibitors Directory ?

The link sent to your main contact person via e-mail, is a public URL link that you can send to persons responsible for the company profile maintenance. Via this link you can adjust, edit, or update any information at any time. To edit information, follow the URL Link each time - we therefore recommend saving this link in your Browser bookmark section.
Access to the company profile maintenance Webpage does not automatically provide access to InnoTrans Plus. A valid registration via the platform is still necessary.

Contact options: How can clients and partners contact me from the InnoTrans Plus Exhibitors Directory ?

Basic contact information i.e. company e-mail address, can be found on the exhibitor search. For more detailed contact info kindly log in the InnoTrans Plus platform.

How do I transfer my favourites to the app ?

After selecting and saving your favourites you can transfer them using the QR code.

Under favourites, click on the SHOW QR Code to scan it using your mobile device.