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Upgrade company card

Advertising Shop at ILA DIGITAL.

✅ Larger representation: ½ Tile Size

Please note:

The image used for the tile view is a section of your Backgrund Image and can be uploaded through the “Self-Service-Link”

✅ 1 Header Video

Please note:

The video is integrated on your company card / company profile and can you uploaded through the Self-Service link in either MOV or MP4 format. Video previews for other file formats are not supported.

✅ 7 Links

After setting up your link with the URL of your choice you will redirect users directly to your page ( „External Link“)

✅ 5 Product Presentations

You present your products including the features above

✅ CSV Export for Reports

Dowload your profile statistics as CSV file /E´xcel

✅ 4 Exhibitor News

Upload articles and share your ideas with the aerospace industry

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