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Exhibitor Overview

Where can I see the list of exhibitors?

A list of exhibitors can be found in the official exhibitor search on the ILA webpage or under exhibitors on the ILA Digital platform.

How do I edit the information shown on the ILA Exhibitor Directory?

The link sent to your main contact person via e-mail, is a public URL link. You can share it with all those responssible for creating and keeping the your profile updated.

You can save the link under your favourites on your Browser for easy access whenever you need it.

Please note:
Access to the company profile maintenance Webpage does not automatically provide access to the Innotrans Online platform. A valid ticket and registration on the platform is still necessary.

Since all exhbitors and theirs co-exhibitors are responsible for the information published, we ask you to avoid sharing your link with third parties.

Contact options, how can clients and business partners get in touch with me?

Basic contact information i.e., company e-mail address, can be found on the exhibitor overview . For more detailed contact info log in the ILA Digital Platform.

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