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Company Profile / Company Card

How do I access my company card/ company profile?

Using the “Self-Service-Link” sent to the main contact person of your stand you can easily create edit and update your company profile anytime.

If you are a Co-exhibitor it might be that your “Self-Service-Link” has been sent to the Main-Exhibitor.

Did not receive your Sell-Service-Link ? Contact our support under:

Phone: +49 30 3038 2500


Where can I see who visited my profile or requested a meeting?

The Backoffice offers you diffent options to control and manage the interactions made with your company card / company profile including:

  • Detailed visitor register report

  • Contact requests

  • Meeting requests

  • Manage virtual meetings request and virtual meettings rooms

  • *Download statistic reports

*Statistic download as CSV file are are not available for basic company cards / company profiles and requires a company card upgrade to be used.

Backoffice - How can I add team members to my company card / company profile?

The backoffice is the bridge between your company card/ company profile and your user profile. After logging into ILA Digital using the same email address linked to your company card/ company profile you can start creating your user profile and add further staff members to your company card. Use our guide available under: Backoffice (Team & Statistics)

The Backoffice is accessible only on ILA Digital / ILA Career Hub and cannot be accessed from or ILA App.

Before you add further team members you need to be able to see the back office button on your company card/ company profile as illustrated below.

Can’t see the Backoffice icon on your profile ?

you are likely to have logged in with a different email from the one linked to your company card and used to send you the “Self-Service-Link”.

Contact our support to change your email or to learn wich email address is inked to your company card/ company profile

Phone: +49 30 3038 2500


How to set the background image correctly?

The template below helps you understand how your background image is going to be used on your profile later and on the platform's exhibitors tile view.
The yellow frame illustrates the total space available and the pixel dimensions for your background image to be displayed on your company profile.
The pink frame shows the section from your background to be used later on the platform's exhibitors tile view.

Please Note: The tile view is the standard view mode for the exhibitors directory on the platform and since only a section of your background image is going to be displayed, we strongly recommend you to respect the exact pixel dimensions and whenever possible avoid images containing long texts, charts and graphs.

Product list, how to manage the products presented on your profil?

You can present one or more products on your company profile. Use the “Self Service Link” to add, edit and update your products.

The products are displayed on the detail page of your company profile and on the Products section of the event platform.

It is recommended to create your product presentation in German and English.

You can decide the order in which the products will be listed on your detail page. You can do that by moving the the products by “drag and drop” on the list

You can remove a product by clicking on the delete button 🗑️.

To save your changes click on : Publish

How many products can I present on my profile ?

The basic company profile / company card included on your stand allows you to present up to 3 products. You can upgrade your profile and present more products after booking one of the options available on the advertising shop.

 Please feel free to contact us anytime:

phone: +49 30 3038 2500


Product information sections - How to use the multimedia section ?

The multimedia section allows you to add media files displayed in the Media section of the Product page. You can drag and drop your files into the Drag you file here box or click on it to explore and find the files manually.

Please observe the file type and size resttrictions applicable. Note that only image and video files will display the preview pane later on your Company card/ Company profile, all other files might be seen only after download and cannot be loaded whith in the plattform . You have the preview option for all images regardless of the file type, but the video previews depend on what file types are supported by the browser you’re using. MP4 and WEBM videos are supported for a preview by most web browsers.

Once the file is uploaded, you have a drop-down that enables you to enter the Title and Subtitle of the file in the respective text input fields, in English and German. Additionally, files can be downloaded again once they are uploaded or removed by using the appropriate buttons.

How can I upload a company video integrated to my Backgound Image ?

The video is embedded on your Header Banner is part of a company card upgrade available on the advertising shop.

What is inclued on my company profile ?

The Basic company card is included on every stand with the folowing items. The upgrade brings you more visibility

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