The navigation bar - What can I discover?

The navigation bar is always located on the left margin of every page of the IFA Virtual and can be expanded or collapsed. It enables quick and easy navigation.

The navigation bar is collapsed by default. You can expand it by clicking the corresponding button (three horizontal lines) ☰ at the top of the bar. You can then collapse it again by clicking this button once more.

The navigation buttons take you to the various pages of the IFA Virtual.

When the navigation bar is expanded, icons and the names from the pages are displayed on the buttons.

When the navigation bar is collapsed, these pages are only represented by icons. The names of the pages are then displayed only when you put the mouse cursor over an icon.

You can get to a page by clicking on the corresponding icon.

The following navigation buttons are available:

Home: This is the home page of IFA Virtual.

Company: Here you will find the exhibitor/product directory. You also have the option of filtering by individual product groups. You will also find trade marks.

Networking: Based on the interests you have indicated in your personal profile, networking suggestions are given to you here, new contacts can be actively searched for here as well as your current connections are displayed.

Program: Under this point you will find the program that will take place on site.

GM & Special Areas: All exhibitors belonging to Global Markets, IFA NEXT; IFA Smart Home, IFA iZone, Reseller Park and SHIFT Mobility are listed here.

Support: Under this point you will find the support for IFA Virtual, which is available to answer your questions.

The Communication Center - What is it and what do I use it for?

The "Communication Center" (👤) is always accessible via a bar on the right side of the screen and is available to you on every page. You can expand or collapse the bar by clicking at the bottom right.

The functions are from left to right:

  • People

  • Chats

  • Appointments

  • Notifications

  • Settings

You can access these functions by clicking on the corresponding icons at the top right of the bar.

These icons are also displayed in the "Communication Center" when the bar is collapsed.

If you click the expand button at the bottom of the bar, the "Communication Center" will expand to show the last section you used. If you click on a special icon, the "Communication Center" is expanded and shows you the corresponding section.