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Personal Profile & Networking

First login - which email address should I use?

Please use the same email address previously used for the main contact person on the company profile. This enables the automatic match between your profile and your company.

The confirmation code is sent immediately. Please check your spam mailbox for the case you did not receive it.

 To send the code again click on " Resend confirmation code".

How do I edit my personal profile?

After successfully logging into the platform for the first time, you need to create your personal profile.

Please make sure that your picture format is suitable. You can add or change the information in your profile anytime by clicking on the ✏ pencil icon placed on the top right of your profile.

When done editing click on “Save” to save your changes.

I cannot see or enter the back office in my company's profile. What can I do?

If you cannot see the back office on your company profile, it means that you have not been added as an employee yet. One of the existing employees can add you via the "Team" tab in the back office.

How can I generate contacts and make use of the networking tool?

Under “Networking you can find contacts based on interests:

To help the system work at its best, we kindly ask you to fill in your personal profile as detailed as possible and mark the corresponding interest to your activities. Please note that you can only be found as contact under “Networking” by filling in your details.

Please make sure that the button “Networking” on the communication center is activated, to help other find you:

How can I manage my meeting requests and availability?

Each user has the possibility to get in touch with all participants, speakers or company representatives via audio/video calls or chat.

Meetings can take the form of individual or group calls with up to 15 participants. Screen sharing is included with audio/video calls. All communication can be done spontaneously or by appointment (calendar function).

The calendar can be exported (e.g. to Outlook):

A traffic light system (red, yellow, green, gray) visualizes whether your counterpart can be reached.

The "Do not disturb" function ensures that everyone can move around the platform without being disturbed, as people in this status cannot be contacted.

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