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The smart companion - FRUIT LOGISTICA App

The FRUIT LOGISTICA app is the smart companion for on-site visits. Favorites and networking contacts are seamlessly synchronized between the online platform and the app. The interactive hall plans will also be integrated into FRUIT LOGISTICA Online and in the app.

The app is now available free of charge in your app store.

I have made changes or edited my data via the content manager, why is it not immediately visible in the app?

If you make changes via the maintenance screen, they are not immediately visible in the app. This requires either closing the app briefly and reopening it, or updating the app manually via the "Update data" drop-down menu.

I have saved favorites under the app but why the contacts are not yet saved on FRUIT LOGISTICA Online?

Please be aware that any change made through the digital platform will be imported in the app. However it is unfortunalety not possible the other way around.

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