Navigation Features - what are the icons on the navigation bar?

You can always find the navigation menu on the left side of FRUIT LOGISTICA Online. It allows quick and easy navigation around the platform and is minimized. Expand it clicking on and minimize it clicking on ☰.

Below, you have navigation buttons to specific pages:

  • Home

  • Exhibitors

  • Networking

  • Events

  • Organic Route

  • Start-ups

  • Support

The Communication Center - what is it and how to use it?

The “Communication Center” (👤) is always accessible on the right side of the screen on every page. You can expand or minimize the bar by clicking at the bottom right. The tabs are:

  • Settings

  • Attendees

  • Chat

  • Event Schedule

  • Notifications

In which time zone do are the exhibitor meetings taking place?

Via your communication center under the tab general settings there is a button “detect time zone automatically”:

By activating it the time zone of the meeting will be detected automatically.

For example if you request your meeting in New York time zone and the other meeting participant has activated his “detect timezone automatically” button then the meeting request will automatically switch to the time zone of the meeting participant. So if you ask for a meeting at 1pm, the other meeting participant will automatically receive a meeting request for 6pm Berlin time.