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Registration & getting started

All you need to know to make the most out of FRUIT LOGISTICA Online!


FRUIT LOGISTICA Online is a digital extension of FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin. The digital platform is the place to showcase products and services introducing newly developed formats and creative online solutions. It also offers all the benefits of a conventional trade fair:

  • In addition to arranging meetings and networking with key decision-makers, you can get up to speed on the latest trends and achieve an unprecedented level of digital exposure.

  • The new digital channel will be used to present current trends and product innovations.

  • This platform is a place where the global food industry can meet to showcase its creative diversity online as well.

First Login - which email address should I use ?

Please use the same email address previously used for your ticket registration. This enables the automatic match between your profile and your ticket.

The confirmation code is sent immediately. Please check your spam mailbox in the case you did not receive it. To send the code again click on " Resend confirmation code".

How can I access FRUIT LOGISTICA Online ?

You can access the platform through the FRUIT LOGISTICA website: .

Please Note: To access the platform you need to enter your email address.

What are the technical requirements?

There is a system check which ensures that your device meets the technical requirements for accessing FRUIT LOGISTICA Online. Mobile browsers or devices are not supported. Privacy and ad blockers may prevent the system check from successfully running.

For the best experience at you need:

·       a PC or laptop

·       a stable standard Internet connection

·       a headset (recommended)

·       at best, the Chrome browser

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