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Company Profile & Backoffice

How can I connect my personal profile with the company profile?

The main contact person, who has received the mailings, is automatically connected with the company profile. This can be checked via your communication center (at the right). If you can see the tab “My Company” it means that you are already connected with your company profile:

If you can't see the Backoffice on your company's details page, it means that you haven't been added as an employee yet. One of the existing employees can add you via the Team tab in the Backoffice:

In addition, make sure that your networking is activated. The networking button can be also found in your communication center under “General Settings”:

How can I add my colleagues to the company profile?

To add colleagues to the company profile, please follow the next steps:

  1. Under "Settings" (top right) you will find "My Company", click on the button “Go to Backoffice”:

  2. Enter the person's name in the search box. It is important that the person has already logged in once to FRUIT LOGISTICA Online and that both you and the person have enabled the Networking feature under “General Settings” in the communication center (at the right):

  3. Select the person and click on "Add Staff".

  4. The person will then appear in the company profile as a contact for your company and will be able to contact other attendees and make appointments for the show.

A small tip on the side, if you do not want to be visible in the company profile, you can deactivate the button "Show me as contact" under "My company" and thus will not be displayed in the company profile.

How can I manage the meeting requests received via the company profile?

There are two possibilities to arrange meetings. You can contact participants via the personal profile, but you can also get in touch with exhibitors via the company profile.

The icons “Request meeting” and “Register interest” are located in the header of the company profile:

These requests can be then found in the backoffice:

Kindly note, that there will be no notification when receiving any requests via the company profile. Therefore, it is recommend to regularly check the backoffice especially the days before FRUIT LOGISTICA takes place.

What is the Backoffice?

The Backoffice is the bridge between your company profile and your user profile.

After logging in with the same email address associated with your company profile, you can create your user profile and add other people to your company profile.

In addition, you can manage the team displayed on your company profile and all interactions between other users and your company profile.

Team: Add your colleagues to the company profile:

Visitors: here you will find an overview of the visitors who have called up your company profile.

Contact request & meeting request: here you can find all contact and meeting requests that have been received via your company profile.

How can I manage the contacts visible on the company page?

You can also manage your team via your Backoffice. Various functions are available to you for this purpose. You can set which colleagues should be visible as contact persons on the company profile.

With "Show as contact" you can select whether you should be displayed as contact person on your company page so that participants can contact you directly via the exhibitor profile.

To remove the link of a colleague's company profile, click on the following icon:

I cannot see or access the Backoffice. What can I do?

If the "Exhibitor Area" button is not yet available in your Communication Center, it means that there is no link to the company profile yet.

One of the already linked colleagues can add you via the "Team" tab in the Backoffice.

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