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Use the DMEA online platform with all its extensive networking functions. Employees' networking profiles can be linked to the exhibitor entry and they are then listed as contacts in the company profile.

In the personal networking profile, users can enter detailed information about their own area of expertise and assign themselves to the appropriate interests. About the interests it is made in the networking area and one finds an overview of potential business partners who fit to the own profile.

Variable selection options, e.g. based on names or companies, additionally facilitate the search for new potential business contacts.

How can I start to Network?

On the right side of your screen, you can find your communication center. Just click on the profile picture, and go to “General Settings” and activate the green button “Networking”:

The aim of “Networking” is to give you easy access to your connections and help you making potential new ones. You should be able to exchange information with other participants.

How can I get more info and/or the contact details of one exhibitor?

By clicking on downlaod after your request was accepted, you can get the company contact details.

How can I find potential business partners who are relevant to me?

The DMEA online platform also offers the navigation point "Networking". Here all participants get an optimal overview. The networking tab is divided into three tabs:

Recommendations: based on the interests of the participants in their personal profile.

Find new people: here the contact circle can be enlarged accordingly to find contacts of the contacts and thus potential relevant business partners. In addition, there is the possibility to filter specifically for exhibitors and participants.

My connections: This is the visualization of your current and potential connections, having options like recommend someone, search for a name, job title or company.

Tipp: by clicking on Download, you can get the contact details on another participant, after he/ she accepted your request:

Where can I find all meeting requests? How can I schedule a meeting?

In the personal profile, the requests appear about the Communication Center (right) about the appointment calendar:

  • Confirmed: Upcoming meetings

  • Requests: Pending invitations

My Schedule gives you an overview of the live meetings you have bookmarked and the meetings you have organized or accepted. You have the possibility to send appointment and meeting requests and keep track of them thanks to the individual calendar function.

Schedule a meeting: a pop-up that has all the mandatory information (meeting name, date, start and end time, participants) already filled in.

You can edit the meeting request before sending it. If you click directly on the meeting, you can see who has confirmed (green) / pending (black) / declined (red) the meeting request:

Where can I find the program and livestreams?

Under the tab Events:

Keynotes, masterclasses, expert panels, product presentations, roundtables and other live sessions will keep you up to date on the latest trends and best practices in your industry.

The page is divided into two tabs: Events-Schedule & Speakers

The following events will be streamed and all will be available as Video on Demands after the show:

  • Keynote: Federal Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach (DE/EN)

  • bvitg Debate Club: Enabler or Preventer? How Data Protection Influences the Digitalisation of Health Care

  • eHealth Hotseat with Dr. Susanne Ozegowski

  • _DMEA sparks: Newcomer Award

  • Digital Health across Borders – Experiences from the International Delegations (EN)