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Personal Profile

The personal profile represents your digital face. A participant’s personal profile page is a page where you can see detailed information. It’s the participant’s virtual showcase and a way for all participants to present themselves in the best way possible.

Therefore, it is advisable to describe your information and interests in particular detail in order to achieve, among other things, particularly precise networking results and thus to be linked directly with the right business partners.

How can I register and/ or login?

Just enter the matching E-mail address.

The confirmation code (token) will be sent immediately by e-mail.

Please check your spam folder if you did not receive the e-mail. Click on "Resend confirmation code" or on "Other e-mail address" to resend the code.

How can I edit my personal profile?

When you log in for the first time, a screen opens in which you can enter your basic information.

You can uplaod your photo under “Edit Profile” by clicking on the icon pencil in the top left corner. The picture must be JPG and PNG format only. Min. 300 x 300 px, under 1 MB..

Where can I view my bookmarked exhibitors?

Via the ⭐ icon you have the possibility to favorite all relevant exhibitors, speakers, products, exhibitor news as well as job advertisements.

Under Home - Trade Show planner you can see your own list of bookmarked exhibitors:

By downoading contacts, you can export your own list of contacts.

Where can I find my meeting requests?

Under Meeting Schedule tab or via your communication center, you can view all your upcoming meetings. It provides you with an overview of the live sessions you've bookmarked and the meetings you've organized or accepted.

At the very top is the "Do not disturb" button. When this feature is turned on, you will not receive video calls or notifications. Other participants can still send you appointment or contact requests as well as chat messages.

You receive a push notification and a pro active E-Mail to confirm that the meeting has been accepted.

The following notifications appear on this tab when:

  • you have sent a meeting request.

  • A participant has accepted your meeting request.

  • you have accepted a meeting request.

How can I get information about other participants?

If you are connected to a participant, you can see their contact information as well.

Contact info includes their email address, landline, and cellular phone numbers, country of origin, the languages they speak, as well as any social media profiles they shared on their profile. You can also see their interests here as well.

When sending a request to connect, you should be able to get the business card of the attendee. Of course, the other participant has to accept your request first.

I cannot see or find the backoffice. What should I do?

If you can't see the Backoffice on your company's details page, it means that you haven't been added as an employee yet. One of the existing employees can add you via the Team tab in the Backoffice. In addition, make sure that networking is enabled.

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