How do I access the company profile?

The main contact person, who has received the mailings, is automatically connected with the company profile. Via the communication center the main contact person can easily access the company profile.

Click on "My company" and it will take you to your company profile. Under Edit your profile, you will find the backoffice button on the right side of your screen. Once in the backoffice, you can add your colleagues to the "Team" tab below via the search bar.

How can I connect my attendee profile with the company profile?

Der Hauptansprechpartner ist immer die Person, die als erste mit dem Firmenprofil verknüpft ist. Wenn Sie Backoffice nicht auf der Unternehmensseite haben, bedeutet dies, dass Sie noch nicht hinzugefügt wurden.

How can I add my colleagues to the company profile?

To add colleagues to the company profile, please follow the next steps:

Under "Settings" (top right) you will find "My Company". Click on it in order to open the tab. Now you can see the option “Go to Backoffice”:

You are automatically directed to the “Team” tab. Enter the team member’s name which you would like to add in the search box. It is important that your colleague has already logged in once at ITBxplore and that both (you and your colleague) have enabled the Networking feature:

Select the person:

Click on "Add staff": Your colleague will then appear on the company profile as a contact for your company and can also contact other participants and make appointments for the trade fair.

I do not want to be visible on the company profile. What can I do?

If you do not want to be visible in the company profile as contact person, you can deactivate the button "Show me as contact" under "My company" in your communication center:

What is the backoffice for?

The Backoffice is the bridge between your company profile and your user profile. After logging in at ITBxplore by using the same email address which is linked to your company profile, you can start creating your user profile and add further staff members to your company profile.

In addition you can manage the team displayed on your company profile and all the interaction between other users and your company profile including:

  • Team → link other collegaues to the main profile

  • Visitors → see who visited your company page

  • Contact request & Meeting request - Manage all requests and appointment as exhibitor

  • Statistics - Get lead reports and find out all users clicks for your profile

How can I manage the company meetings requests?

As an exhibitor, please note that there are two different options for contact and appointment requests.

Firstly, via the personal profile: Here, the requests appear via the Communication Center (right) via the appointment calendar:

The icons “Request meeting” and “Register interest” are located in the header of the company profile.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of making contact and appointment enquiries via the company profile. The icons Request appointment and Express interest are located in the header of the company profile:

When you want to find the meetings requests that your company received, please check in the backoffice:

When you set up a meeting with another company, as soon as your invitation gets confirmed by one team member of the company you are trying to reach out (as exhibitor), the contact person will appear under people invited. All meeting requestd should be under “My Meetings” in your communication center.