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Attendee Profile

Which e-mail should I use?

Please use the same email address that you entered as the main contact for your company profile. This enables the automatic link between your personal profile and your company profile.

The confirmation code (token) will be sent immediately by e-mail. Please check your spam folder if you did not receive the e-mail.

Click on "Resend confirmation code" or on "Other e-mail address" to resend the code.

How can I edit my personal profile?

When you log in for the first time, a screen opensfirst in which you can enter your basic information. You can find anytime a white menu bar on the right side, where you can enter your personal details by clicking on “Edit my profile”.

We recommend that your maintain your profile, since it is your “digital face” online, before, during and after the fair.

How can I get digital business cards?

When sending a request to connect, you should be able to get the business card of the attendee. Of course, the other participant has to accept your request first.

Just click on Download.

Why the personal profile is important?

The personal profile represents your digital face. Therefore, it is advisable to describe your information and interests in particular detail to achieve, among other things, particularly precise networking results and thus to be linked directly with the right business partners.

How can I uplaod my profile photo?

For networking purposes, we strongly recommend to select a professional picture. You can change your photo under “MyProfile” by clicking on the icon pencil in the top left corner. The picture must be JPG and PNG format only. Min. 300 x 300 px, under 1 MB.

Do not disturb- how can I turn off notifications?

At the very top is the "Do not disturb" button. When this feature is turned on, you will not receive video calls or notifications. Other participants can still send you appointment or contact requests as well as chat messages.

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