Under People/Networking in the Communication Center you will find all participants (exhibitors, speakers and visitors) of CMS Plus. A full text search offers you the possibility to search for a specific person.

How can I interact with users?

Behind each person there are 3 interaction points which offer further functionalities to interact with the corresponding contact:

  • Favourite

  • start Chat, Video-Audio-Chat

  • Schedule a Meeting

  • Connect or Delete Contact

  • Share with others

  • Block unwanted user

  • Download Contact Information

Contact requests

The requests in the person tab refer to connection requests between persons that have already been made. Here you can find the people above who want to connect to you and those below to whom you want to connect or to whom you have sent a contact request. In this overview you can see the requests YOU have received from other people as well as the requests you have sent yourself. In this overview of the requests that have already been sent to you, you can react directly to the request by accepting or rejecting it. If you accept them, the respective persons will appear in the list of your contacts.

Contact List

The contact list is thus the list of people with whom you have already exchanged "business cards". You can also use the full text search, which is useful if you have a long list of contacts.

Export Contact Information

You can download your individual contacts or their contact data from here via the context menu as a single vcard - or you can export the entire contact list to insert it into your personal address book, for example.

If you are already connected to the person, you can download his contact details and add him to your exhibitor profile as a team member on the exhibitor details page OR remove him if he is already a team member of your organization and you do not want him to be listed as such on your exhibitor details page.