Two of our main networking features are the audio-video chats and meetings. They are available for one-one or group chats / meetings.

Scheduling a meeting

If you want to make an appointment yourself, it will be listed directly under confirmed appointments. To do this,

  • go to "make a new appointment"

  • enter a title for the event

  • add the desired participants to this appointment

  • selects the date, start and end time

  • can optionally add a note

  • and click on Send invitation.

If you get a request, it will be listed in the tab under "Requests". Here you have the possibility to export the outstanding dates in their entirety,

You can accept or reject the individual dates, whereby the accepted dates are listed in the overview of confirmed dates and the rejected ones in the list of rejected appointments.

Exporting your meeetings

You can export meetings to your own calendar on your computer by using the Export Icon on the meetinngs widget:

Availability on Meetings

When scheduling a meeting you will see the time availability of your guest.

To block times as unavailable please set yourself a meeting and the time slots will appear as blocked.

Where do I see my meetings?

Your schedules meetings can be found in the Communication Center. Meetings that are organized by you will appear in confirmed meetings. To see the status of the invited participants click on the meeting. Here you can see who declined or accepted the meeting.

What happens when invitees decline a meeting?

If participants you have invited to a meeting decline the request you will receive a notification. You can also check their status by clicking on the meeting in your agenda.

Accessing the meeting

Go to your meetings overview and click on the three points icon on the right to see the different options to access the meeting.