To offer you the best networking experience CMS Plus has two tools that will help you boost your network, based on your professional interests. These tools are: LeadFinder and Networking.

By filling out your profile and choosing the categories that apply to you, the intelligent algorithm will find relevant users for your network. This is a fast and smart way to build the best possible network and make the most of your business at CMS Plus.

Choose interests

To set your topics & destinations of interests go to My Profile to search and choose your professional interests. Based on your selected interests the algorithm-based matchmaking will recommend relevant contacts for you in the Networking Area in the Discovery Graph.

To look actively for people that match your categories, you can use Lead Finder.

Find relevant contacts

Go to Networking and see a graphic with an overview of interest based contacts selected for you. You can also use our search fields to look for names, job titles, companies or interests to find the right person.