When you go to the Company Card, there are a few more options and functions in the upper area.

The first time a visitor interacts via one of these functions, an "opt-in" appears, where the visitor has to give permission for the data exchange. I.e. the visitor will be asked if they agree to their contact details being shared and with their consent, they will be shared accordingly in your lead-time statistics (these statistics are only available with the All-In or All-In Destination package).

Join Info-Counter

Entering the (public) Info-Counter is similar to entering a booth at a trade show. It is an audio/video/chat room where the visitor and anyone else who "enters this booth" has the opportunity to get in direct contact with the exhibitor's selected staff. To enter the info-counter you have to call. To leave the info-counter you have to hang up. The call in the info-counter has similar functions as f.e. Zoom/MS teams; people can share their video/audio, screen, chat, etc.

Important for exhibitors:

Exhibitor staff are identified for all attendees in the attendee list. In your back office you can decide which employees are available for the Info-Counter. These staff members must be actively present in the Info-Counter to welcome guests. We recommend having at least one staff member there at all times to ensure the Info-Counter is activated and available. The Info-Counter will remain open for visitors even if they navigate to other areas on the CMS Plus platform. The visitor has to actively leave the Info-Counterby clicking on the red handset (hang up)

Register interest

Here a visitor can express his interest in the company.
This will then be visible in the back office and the company can contact the visitor directly.


A visitor can suggest the company to another person.


This allows a visitor to save this company among their favourites. The visitor can then find the company again on the My Favourites section.


It is possible to download the contact data as a .cvs file and save it in your own address book.

Team and employees

In addition to entering the "Info-Counter ", visitors can also get an overview of which team and employees the company has in place. For each individual member there are the familiar interaction features. How employees are added to a Company Card is explained in the "Back Office" chapter.


On the exhibitor (detail) page you can also see which sessions of the exhibitor are currently live.


On the exhibitor (detail) page you can see if cafés are available.

Additional information

Such as products, trademarks, links, media, download material can be found in the Company Card, if these have been entered/maintained by the exhibitor.