The Communication Center is an always-on module where all your communication with other participants takes place. It can be folded in and out at any time. Here you will find the tabs People, Chat, Schedule, Notifications and your own profile.

Networking Mode ON/OFF

To turn on your Networking Mode please go to CMS Plus and turn on your Networking Mode in the Communication Center. If your Networking Mode is turned off, other users cannot find you on the platform. We recommend to turn on your Networking Mode to make sure you experience the best possible networking experience.


Under People/Networking you will find all participants (exhibitors, speakers and visitors) of CMS Plus. The full text search under "search people" offers you the possibility to search for a specific person.
Behind the name of each person there are three interaction points which offer further functionalities to interact with the corresponding contact.

  • The Connect function you can use to link to contacts

  • With the Share function you can send profiles to other participants

  • In case of dislike you can block contacts
    With an already existing Contact you can download the VCard


The requests in the People tab refer to connection requests already made between people. Here you will find above the people who want to connect with you and those with whom you want to connect or to whom you have sent a contact request.


The contact list is thus the list of people with whom you have already exchanged "business cards".
You can download your individual contacts or their contact data from here individually as a vcard via the context menu - or export the entire contact list for insertion into your personal address book, for example.

Group Chat

You start a group chat as follows:
You click on "new group" set a group name, can choose a description and add participants and start the chat.
The group chat has its own interaction menu, just like the individual chat.

Appointment Calendar

Here you have the overview of confirmed appointments, requests for appointments and rejected appointments.
You can "Make a new appointment" yourself, as well as download agreed appointments to transfer them to your own calendar.

You can also view and edit the appointment, accept it, cancel it or, in case it has already been confirmed, join the appointment via video chat, start a group chat with the participants and export the individual appointment as a calendar entry.
You can also make an appointment yourself.

Notifications Tab

Here you find the "Do not disturb" function and an overview of the notifications of all requests, calls and meetings as well as all events.

With the "Do not disturb" function you have the possibility to mute the network regarding notifications/messages for you while at the same time the full usability of the platform is guaranteed. If this function is active, you will not be called and you will not receive any notifications.
At times when you are not actively logged into the platform, you will receive email notifications for missed messages.

My Organization

Here you will find the organization you are assigned to, if this is the case. This means that you, as a team member of your company, have the choice to be displayed as a contact person on the Company Card detail page of your company, or not. More about this in the "Brand Card Back Office" chapter.

The function "Allow People to find me" allows you to display yourself as an employee in the Brand Card, or to deactivate this. This way you will no longer be displayed in the Brand Card detail page.
You can also set yourself on stand-by for the showroom and thus be approachable within the showroom.