Two of our main networking features are the audio-video chats and meetings. They are available for one-one or group chats / meetings.

How can I chat with one user / a group of users?

To chat with a user go to your Communication Center (right handed side bar) and click on the chat bubble icon. In the Chat Tab you will find an overview of all your individual and group chats. From the overview, you can enter the respective chat, or you can go to "Start new chat" and start an individual chat by searching for a certain person and start it with him or her or you can start a group chat.

Group Chats

You can start a group chat as follows:

You click on "start new group chat", set a group name, choose a description, add up the necessary people and start the chat. The group chat will now open.

The group chat has its own interaction menu just like the individual chat. You will find the options here:

  • schedule a meeting with the people INSIDE your group chat

  • start a video chat

  • mute the group chat

  • and the details of this group chat

Under Details you can make some changes:

the name of the chat, the description, you can add more participants and you can leave the group chat.