The Café is a virtual room for topic related exchange, networking and discussions for all platform users.


Which functionalities come with it?

  • Free entrance for all platform users OR a restricted access

  • Audio/ Video meetings and chat function

  • Audio/ Video meeting corners for private and topic related discussions

How do I enter the Café?

You can find the Cafés in the Navigation Menu on the left side of the page.  Just click on the Café you want to enter.

What if a Café is open only upon request?

You can click on the Café and request access. The Host will process your request

What is a Round Table?

A Round Table is an audio/video room like you know from other applications like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, that is open after a talk or speaker slot for people to further discuss the topics of the session. The meeting host can share the screen in the audio/video room. In addition to that there is a manned chat and you can see the participants.

What happens when I enter a Round Table?

Please make sure that the website has access to your microphone and camera. You can see the Participants in the Meeting Corner, start typing in the chat or star direct with the Audio/video talk.

How do I leave a Round Table?

Leave the Round Table by clicking the red phone button (as if you would hang-up a call).