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Exhibitor list

The exhibitor list is integrated into the BUS2BUS website and serves as the gateway to our modern BUS2BUS plus Online Platform. Here, interested parties can initially find all exhibitor information quickly, conveniently and easily. All the information displayed on it can be edited and updated through your self service link.


EXPO GUIDE, S.C., a company registered in Mexico, offers updated company information in an exhibitors directory for fairs and exhibitions under the reference „Data Review / Validity expiration”, which is fee-based. The fine print of these order forms indicates that upon their being signed, a contract is concluded for three (3) years that will generate costs of at least 1,000.00 € per annum.

Recently the Construct Data Publishers a.s., registered in Slovakia, is again offering a listing in its exhibitors directory “Fair Guide”. The approach is the same as with the “Expo Guide”.

Currently, the International Fairs Directory is particularly prominent, which is known under the Mulpor Company S.A. and Connect Publisher, S.C. Here again, the payment obligations are mentioned in the small print.

Since many exhibitors have been receiving these proposals, we wish to make clear that the registrations offered to be made in the “Expo Guide”, “Fair Guide” or “International Fairs Directory” are not entries in the official index of exhibitors for BUS2BUS. Messe Berlin is not connected in any way whatsoever to the publishers of these unofficial exhibitor directories.

Once exhibitors have been admitted to a fair, their basic entry on the BUS2BUS plus Online Platform is assured. Furthermore, all exhibitors will be contacted by the BUS2BUS plus editorial team so that they may complete their entry should they so desire.

Please feel free to contact us at at any time should you receive a proposal and have doubts as regards the party submitting such proposal. If you have already signed an agreement with an external offeror in the erroneous assumption that this company is connected in any way to our official index of exhibitors, we urgently recommend that you contact an attorney prior to expiry of the period for revoking and/or voiding such contracts. For further information please also write to the AUMA , Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (email: On its website you will find further advice including a sample letter on how to react to reminders.

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