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General information

How do I access the Belektro & SmartHK PLUS ?

How do I access the Belektro & SmartHK PLUS ?

You can reach belektro & SmartHK PLUS with one click on the belektro website: LINK

Save the link under your favourite websites (bookmarks) for easy and quick access

What are thecnical requirements

in order to use belektro & SmartHK PLUS, you need:

a PC or laptop,

a stable standard internet connection,

a headset (recommended),

ideally Chrome as your browser.

Before logging in to the digital event platform, you can run the system check offered on the site and check that everything is working properly.

For a good and relaxed start to the trade fair, we recommend visiting the digital event platform in advance to complete your profile and familiarise yourself with the functions of the event platform.

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