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Company profile

What should be considered when creating the company description?

Under the "Description" tab on the editing interface, you have the option of inserting two different versions in both English and German:

Description for the company profile: A detailed description (max. 4000 characters) will be visible on the company profile. It is recommended to write the description in German and English, as the entries will be displayed depending on the user's language setting. If you do not enter any text, this area will remain empty.

Description for list view: A short description (max. 300 characters) displayed as a preview, which will appear in the exhibitor search.

How do I manage my products?

After clicking on your self-care link, you will be redirected to the content manager.

Click on the tab "Products". There you can add, edit or delete products.

The products will be displayed in the exhibitor search under products as well as on your company profile and in the product area on the Smart Country Convention Online. It is necessary to fill in the mandatory fields in the German and English translations. Otherwise the data cannot be saved.

Furthermore, you can determine yourself the order in which the products are visible on your company profile. To do this, enter the desired position under "Position on detail page". To delete products, click on the recycle bin 🗑️.

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