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belektro & SmartHK exhibitor and product search

Present your company and your products online: 365 days a year.

Where can I see the Belektro & SmartHK exhibitor and product search?

The exhibitor and product search is visible and accessible to all on the official Belektro & SmartHK website under "BELEKTRO PLUS":;alpha=A;v_sg=0;v_fg=0;v_fpa=FUTURE

Furthermore, it is possible to search for exhibitors, products and segments.

How do I edit the information displayed in the exhibitor and product search?

A short version of your company profile is presented in the exhibitor directory. All information contained there can be edited and updated via the Content Manager.

Please note:

A full version of your company profile is displayed on the Belektro & SmartHK PLUS platform

Which contact options are available via the exhibitor list?

The list of exhibitors is publicly visible on the Belektro & SmartHK website. General contact details are available there. Further contact and networking options are available on the Belektro & SmartHK PLUS platform.

Where can I download the exhibitor list?

You can either download the complete list of exhibitors or print out a list of favourites. To do this, use the print button (see below). A PDF file will then be created for you.

Please note that the list can only be created as a PDF file. Use any file converter of your choice to convert the list to other file types such as Excel.

I don't have a password, where can I register on the platform?

The platform is open both to visitors and potential exhibitors. No password or registration is required to create a user profile.Click here to access the platform.

All registered exhibitors and co-exhibitors will receive a link to the Content Manager to create and manage their company profile.
Still haven't received your link? Contact our support team at:

Phone: +49 30 3038 2500


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