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Personal Profile

After registration, you will be forwarded directly to your personal profile. Fill in all mandatory fields here. We recommend a well-maintained profile, as this is your "digital face" on the platform.

Please make sure that your image format is suitable. You can add to or change the information in your profile at any time by clicking on the ✏ pencil icon at the top right of your profile.


In the personal networking profile, you can enter detailed information about your own area of expertise and assign yourself to the appropriate interests. The interests are matched so that you might potential business partners who match your profile.

TheLead Finder page helps you find contacts based on interests.

To help the system work at his best, we kindly ask you to fill in your personal profile as detailed as possible and mark the corresponding to your activities. Please note that you can only be found as a contact on Lead Finder by filling in your details.


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