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Features online platform

  • Share Company details

  • Share (Person) Contact

  • Share Live Session

  • Schedule a Meeting

  • Edit meeting (only for meeting organizers)

  • View meeting when you are not the organizer

  • Decline meeting (in Communication Center)

  • Cancel meeting

  • Lead finder

  • Consent message

  • Leave current meeting (in a Video Chat)

  • Access request for an audio/video room

  • Register interest in Company

  • Staff is already a part of your Team (Backoffice)

  • Remove staff from your Team (Backoffice)

  • Send connect request to a Person

  • Request successfully sent

  • Withdraw request (the connection request was not accepted yet)

  • Cancel connection

  • When you ignore a connect request, but then send a connect request to that person.

  • Connection request to users in an audio/video room (Connect to all participants button in the sidebar)

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