All you need to know to make the most out of your digital presence.


FRUIT LOGISTICA Online is a digital extension of FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin. The digital event platform is the place to showcase products and services introducing newly developed formats and creative online solutions. It also offers all the benefits of a conventional trade fair:

  • In addition to arranging meetings and networking with key decision-makers, you can get up to speed on the latest trends and achieve an unprecedented level of digital exposure.

  • The new digital channel will be used to present current trends and product innovations.

  • This platform is a place where the global food industry can meet to showcase its creative diversity online as well.

How do I register for FRUIT LOGISTICA Online?

FRUIT LOGISTICA Online is part of FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin and available only for confirmed exhibitors.

For detailed information regarding the registration processs visit

Media Package, what is it and what is included in it ?

The Media Package is always included during stand registration. It has some important marketing tools to optimize and promote your attendance.

Detailed information on your FRUIT LOGISTICA media package and upgrade options can be obtained here.

Company Profile, what is it and how to create one?

The company profile is your first digital touchpoint. you can create one after confirming your attendance and receiving your own link to create and edit your profile. The official online exhibitor and product search engine FRUIT LOGISTICA Online platform is the place where visitors, buyers and business partners can find your profile.

Self-service link, what is it and how do I use it?

The self-service link is your individual access to your company profile. With it you can create and edit your company profile at any time.
After clicking on the link you will be directed to the page where you can start filling your
company profile.

❶ Data Input Sections

❷ Continue button

❸ Save Profile button.

I did not receive the self-service link, what can I do?

The self-service link is sent to the main contact person provided during the registration process of your stand.

Please be patient if your registration has been confirmed recently. Due to increased demand it might take a while.

In case you have not received any email including the self-service link, you can get in touch with our support center:

How to set the perfect background image

The template shows you how your background image and thus your tile view will be seen on the platform.

The yellow highlighted area represents your entire background image that will later be displayed on your company profile.

The pink highlighted area cuts out the centered part of your background image and will appear as a tile in the exhibitor area. For your background image (2560 x 640 px) and tile (640 x 640 px) to display correctly, it is especially important that the dimensions are accurate.

Tip: We generally recommend a wallpaper or mood image and advise against using an image with a lot of text, as texts or fonts may be cropped later in the tile view.

Product list, how to manage the products presented on your online profile?

Depending on what is included on your Media Package (Click here for an overview) you can present one or more products. after clicking on your self-service link, you will be directed to the editing interface, procced to the “Products” tab where you can add and remove products to your profile.

The products are displayed on the detail page of your company profile and on the Products section of the event platform.

It is recommended to create your product presentation in German and English.

You can decide the order in which the products will be listed on your detail page. You can do that by entering their desired position in the Position on detail page data fields. By default, data input fields are filled with a 0 and are shown in random order on the detail page. It is important to note that any products left with a 0 in the Position on detail page data input field will be displayed at the top of the list. It’s also possible for more than one product to have the same number in the data input field - in that case, those products will be positioned accordingly in relation to products with higher or lower numbers but will have a random order among themselves. For example, if three products are saved in position 3, they will be positioned below the product in position 2 and above the product in position 4; however, those three products will have a random order between themselves.

You can remove a product by clicking on the appropriate button.

❶ Product dropdowns.

❷ Data input sections.

❸ Save profile tab.

Product information sections - How to use the multimedia section ?

The multimedia section allows you to add media files displayed in the Media section of the Product page. You can drag and drop the desired files in the Add more media box or click on it to explore and find the file manually on your PC. There are no restrictions for file types for images, videos, and documents that you want to upload, but there is a size restriction of 500 MB per file. Additionally, only images and videos will have the preview option within the browser, and all other files have to be downloaded before they can be viewed. You will have the preview option for all images regardless of the file type, but the video previews depend on what file types are supported by the browser you’re using. MP4 and WEBM videos are supported for a preview by most web browsers.

Once the file is uploaded, you have a drop-down that enables you to enter the Title and Subtitle of the file in the respective text input fields, in English and German. Additionally, files can be downloaded again once they are uploaded or removed by using the appropriate buttons.

See image below for reference:

  1. Media dropdown

  2. Text input field

  3. Download media

  4. Remove media

  5. Add more media box

  6. Save profile

Description and keywords, how to improve your findability of your profile?

Under the description tab on the editing interface, you have the chance of inserting two different versions both in English and German:

Description for the company profile:

A detailed description (max. 5000 characters) will be visible on the company profile. It is also recommended to create the description in German and English, as the entries are displayed based on the user’s language configurations. this section will remain empty if you do not enter any text.

Description for the list view:

A short version (max. 300 characters) displayed as a preview to catch attention in the exhibitor search.


The keywords section is optional but decisive in the search function. It allows you to use keywords to describe your company, services, and products. It’s important to note that you need to separate each keyword with a comma. These keywords will not be displayed on your Detail Page. They are, however, essential for the search function of the Event Guide and will enable participants to find you more easily via the search function.

Please enter your keywords whenever possible in German and English.