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Notifications (CC section)

In the communication center (right side of your screen), there are four icons or respective tabs where you can find all notifications:

  • Request

  • Call

  • Meeting

  • Event

When Do Not Disturb is on, you will not receive any video calls or notifications. People can still send you meeting and connection requests and text chat messages, but you can manually find the notifications related to the requests below.


In this tab, you can see all notifications related to connection requests.

Notifications show in this tab are the following:

-a participant sent you a connection request

-a participant accepted your connection request.


In this tab, you can see notifications for missed video chats( when a participant tried to reach you).


There are several types of meeting’s notifications shown here:

̇-when someone sends you a meeting request

-when someone accepts or declines your meeting request

-when the meeting organizer removes you from a meeting

-when the time or date of a meeting is changed, or a meeting is canceled.


The event organizer can use this feature to notify you of special sessions, keynotes, or essential information, so keeping an eye out for this tab is always a good idea.

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